Our Mission:
 Leading people to know, love, and serve Jesus
Our Vision:
Reach – To reach every available person at every available time by every available means with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Teach – To establish them in the local church, teaching and training them to become like Christ.

Mobilize – To mobilize the army of God, to help each person to find his or her place and function in the Body of Christ.

Core Values:
#simplyJesus - We are a Christ-centered community. We find our life, joy, peace and salvation in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ – He is everything. We exist to point people to Jesus in all we do. We embrace our diversity in order to unify around our common faith in and love for Jesus Christ.

#noperfectpeople - We believe that life change happens best in an environment that has both high levels of grace and high levels of challenge. So we are building a high grace – high challenge culture. We love and accept one another as we are yet we also love each other enough to challenge one another to be better, the same way God has done with us.

#teamvictory - We believe the church is meant to operate as a loving and unified community of servants who steward their gifts together. Our church is a team of people working together and everyone on our team is responsible for the mission.