What is Alpha?

Alpha Online meets via Zoom one evening a week and is a series of ten interactive sessions that engages people in conversations about faith, life, and Jesus. Every Alpha session a short talk (on video), and discussion. Alpha is for everyone - welcoming people from all backgrounds, religions, and viewpoints, no matter where they are on their journey. We'd love to have you join us!

If you're still not sure, join us online for an Introduction to Alpha on Monday, September 7 at 7 pm. We will watch a short video together and have a brief time to answer any questions you might have.

Here is the Zoom link for the Introduction night. No need to register for this one.
Alpha Intro link:  CLICK HERE

When does it start?



Alpha Online provides an opportunity for people to explore life. faith, & God from the comfort of their own living room. If you decide it's not for you, just turn it off.


The Alpha talks are designed to engage people from all walks of life and inspire conversation. They explore the big issues of life and faith and unpack the basics of Christian belief, addressing questions like “Who is Jesus?”, “Why and how do I pray?” and “How does God guide us?”


The discussion time is an opportunity for people to respond to the talk, hear from others, and contribute their own perspective in an honest, friendly, and open environment. There is no pressure to talk, but there isn't anything you can't say either. We just ask everyone to be respectful of each other.